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Cos this is for LJ...and cos it has been sometime since I last updated this page.

lilsnooze's LiveJournal popularity rating is 3.30/10.
lilsnooze is more popular than 93.5% of all LiveJournal users.
lilsnooze is more popular than 53.3% of their mutual friends.

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My first LJ

tehpeng my ever so insightful darling tells me LJ sounds crude. Oh well.

Lish, my friend who never fails to amaze me, is a LJ user and so are my next beloved set of furries(walker my godson, Joy, byblos and biquini)...so here I am!

And also, of course I have heard so much about the sgtrade community, I felt the shopaholic within me screaming -what am I waiting for?

And so, here I am!

Actually, my blog is at My World My Life (http://lychung.blogspot.com)
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